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WCL's 2023 Wrapped: A Year of Living Our Best Lives

As we reflect on the past year at We Change Lives (WCL), we're filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. 2023 was a year brimming with growth, joy, and community spirit, from heartwarming celebrations to meaningful initiatives, each month brought its unique memories and impact. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane, revisiting the highlights and memorable events that made 2023 a year to remember at WCL! 


We started the year on a huge high, unveiling WCL's fresh new branding that symbolises our growing commitment to the community.



February was a month of culinary exploration at Heathside, with the introduction of a new "Specials Menu." We also celebrated Dignity Action Day, where residents crafted a 'Dignity Heart' now displayed proudly in our foyer. Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day were celebrated with great enthusiasm, featuring handmade cards, baking, and lots of pancake flipping. 

In addition, the expansion of our Supported Living Network marked a significant step towards expanding our services and support for individuals with complex learning disabilities.  


March was all about fun and educational activities. St. Patrick’s Day saw festive celebrations at The Mews, and Mother's Day was heartwarmingly celebrated across WCL. We enjoyed Nutrition and Hydration Week, and got involved with oral health activities on Miles of Smiles Day.  

The people we support also shared some of their invaluable life advice and wisdom with us, which we shared on social media here


Easter was a joyous affair with residents engaging in creative activities like making Easter bonnets and decorating gingerbread eggs. Spring crafts brightened rainy afternoons, with paper flower making and sun-catcher creations. 


May was a bustling month here at WCL, from or "Time for A Cuppa" tea party, and the Coronation of King Charles, our first garden day of the year, and a musical jam session which brought residents together in a celebration of music and community. 


June was filled with beautiful sunny afternoons in the gardens of Heathside and The Mews, where residents relished the simple pleasures and warmth of our community. We also had Activities and Well-being Week which focused on enhancing mind and body wellness with various engaging activities. 


Disney Magic came alive at the Penketh Scarecrow Festival, and Lena's 105th birthday was a highlight of our celebrations. The Penketh Carnival Parade added a vibrant touch to our community spirit, and an afternoon with RISE was filled with sports, quizzes, and music. Lynne's birthday bash, complete with an ice cream van and live band, was a memorable day for all. 


Sunshine and songs filled a bright day in August, as residents from Heathside and The Mews gathered for a garden sing-along. A heartwarming reunion occurred between Fred and Lena, rediscovering their sibling connection and reminding us of the enduring bonds of family. 


September saw the launch of the 'Forget Me Not' Tearoom, a meaningful repurposing of our old COVID visitation pods. We also proudly welcomed the 3L Care Group into the WCL family, expanding our support for Acquired Brain Injury residents. 


Halloween at Heathside and The Mews was celebrated with festive decorations and stunning spooky cupcakes by our baking champion, Sam, adding a sweet touch to the celebrations. 


November was marked by a special animal visit at Heathside from the Home Safari Animal Assisted Therapy team, bringing smiles and warmth. A creative flower arranging session further brightened the month, showcasing the residents' creativity. 


Dedication December honoured the unwavering dedication of our team members, sharing inspiring stories of personal growth. Christmas festivities transformed Heathside into a winter wonderland, with heartwarming carols by two choirs and a festive party. Becky's incredible display of lights and garlands and the generous donation of a Christmas tree from The Christmas Tree Forest added to the festive spirit. The Stewart family's Christmas concert and festive flower arranging by residents and staff rounded off a year filled with joy and togetherness. 


Looking back at 2023, it really was a great year to be part of We Change Lives. Each month was marked by its own special events and milestones, reflecting the vibrant life and spirit of our community. From the launch of our new brand to the heartwarming Christmas celebrations, every moment was a testament to our commitment to growth, inclusivity, and joy. As we cherish these memories, we're inspired to continue this journey, fostering a space where every individual can thrive.

Here's to a wonderful year past and the anticipation of another fantastic year ahead at WCL!  Join us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with what we get up to in 2024.

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