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We had a flipping great pancake day at The Mews

Our residents showed off their pancake flipping skills this week and it’s safe to say, we’re impressed!

We couldn’t resist getting everyone involved in some pancake tossing this week. Whenever a holiday or special day comes around our team jump at the chance to organise a fun activity, and this was no exception. Yes, a few did end up hitting the roof and there were others that flopped onto the floor but that’s to be expected (and makes it even more entertaining). It was clear that a lot of flipping fun was had by all, especially when they achieved the perfect pancake somersault.

It doesn’t stop at pancake flipping, we run loads of fun activities for the people we support. If there’s a reason to whip out the arts and crafts box, get everyone out and about for a local celebration or decorate our shared spaces, trust me, we will take it.

Our residential homes are there to provide support to the people who need it, with so many people living together, it would be a shame not to make the most of opportunities to get creative and have good old-fashioned fun.

To learn more about the range of activities that we run at our residential homes please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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