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WCL is evolving: Our Rebrand

We are very pleased to announce (though you’ve probably already spotted it) that WCL has rebranded!

As a charity, we are thriving. We’re supporting more people to live their best lives than ever before, and now we’re on a mission to both enhance the care we provide and increase the amount of people who can access our services (in Warrington and beyond). We are developing every day into a better version of ourselves, and as we evolve, so should our brand!

Where did it all begin?

We always put people at the heart of everything we do – so our rebrand was no different. It was important to us that the people we support, their families, and our teams were all part of the rebranding process. So, we started by asking what they thought!

We sent a survey throughout the organisation to discover exactly what our charity means to you all, we then used the answers as a launch pad for developing ideas for our new visual identity.

Our new name

As we grow beyond Warrington, our old name was no longer fit for purpose - and we feel that our new name speaks for itself.

The number one purpose of our organisation is simple – to support people to live their best lives (but we thought that was a little long for a name!) So, we decided on our new name, ‘We Change Lives’.

We Change Lives also allows us to continue as ‘WCL’ – a nickname we have been known locally by for years. 

Our new logo and colours

When we created our new logo and colour palette, we wanted it to embody everything used to describe us in the feedback from our survey, and represent exactly what we’re all about!

The heart shape, of course, represent love and care, while arches embody strength and support and the rainbow shape embodies hope, promise and new beginnings.

We wanted the colour palette to be very bright, vibrant, contrasting and memorable, so went for a turquoise and orange combo. The turquoise is a calm, friendly and cheerful colour; while the orange gives a feeling of joy, warmth, enthusiasm and fun.

Whilst our name and visual identity has had a full makeover, our core ethics have not.

Though we are evolving, we will always stay true to our values, our purpose and our promises. We believe that this rebrand will help us represent who we truly are in a fresh, new light.

As we begin our next chapter as We Change Lives, we’d like to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to everybody who supports our organisation. We look forward to a great future together. 

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