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A nutritious and delicious week at Heathside!

For Nutrition and Hydration Week, we raised awareness for the importance of nutrition and hydration with fun mocktails, fruit platters, taste testing and a global tea party!

Day One: Mocktail Monday

We kicked things off with “Mocktail Monday” at our very own pop-up pub “The Heathside Arms.” Everyone got stuck in and enjoyed hydrating and nutritious drinks, from tropical punch to orange mi–no–sas. After enjoying the fruity boost, all that was left to do was put on the music and dance the afternoon away. It was a complete hit with our residents and highlights the creativity of our fantastic activity team to turn learning about nutrition into a fun-filled afternoon.

Day Two: Taste Test Tuesday

Next on the agenda was Taste Test Tuesday! We wanted to show that healthy drinks and snacks don’t have to be boring, they can be full of flavour and colour. This was showcased by our wonderful fruit platter, and it wasn’t long before everyone was digging in and enjoying their fruity delights alongside the selection of juices.

Day Three: Wednesday's Global Tea Party

On day 3 we took part in the Global Afternoon Tea Party for Nutrition and Hydration Week. It was another great excuse to gather everyone together and chat about all the things we have been learning about so far. We tucked into salads, sandwiches and fruit with an extra special treat of tea and scones to finish.

Day Four: Thirsty Thursday

On Thursday we celebrated 'Thirsty Thursday'! Everyone got to choose between a refreshing fruity water or their favourite flavour of milkshake... and the resounding winner (drumroll please) was the calcium rich milkshake! Helping keep our resident’s bones strong and showing that there are more adventurous ways to stay hydrated than just drinking water.

Day Five: Fruity Friday

Last but by no means least we celebrated a very ‘Fruity Friday.’ We ran a quiz and fruit related games that went down a treat, the residents especially enjoyed playing “guess the fruit”! We can certainly all agree that it’s been a jam-packed week full of new lessons on staying hydrated and making sure to have a balanced and nutritious diet. But the best part has been getting everyone involved and having a bit of fun.

To find out more about Nutrition and Hydration Week, visit:

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