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About us

We Change Lives is a charity that supports people with learning & physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, mental health issues, dementia and older people. Our purpose is to help people lead their lives in a purposeful, healthy and enjoyable way, as full and equal members of their local community. We do this by providing residential homes and supported living schemes, as well as other forms of support for individuals in the community.


Our purpose? Supporting people to live their best lives.

Our vision

A thriving organisation, enriching lives.

A provider of quality, life-enriching support.

A provider of support that is different for every individual.

An organic organisation that is current and adaptable.

A thriving organisation that reinvests into it's services.

Our values

Supporting rights, needs, choices & dreams.

Seeing the possibility to make a difference in all that we do.

Being financially responsible and economically sustainable.

Embracing new technology and innovation.

Appreciating every colleague's contribution.


Meet the team

The support we provide, the values we hold and the promises we make would not be possible without the incredible people in our teams.

Our history

Founded in 1991 as 'Warrington Community Living', our charity was formed when the New Church Hospital for people with learning disabilities closed. The aim of our new not-for-profit was to support people living away from the institution that had been their home for years. At the same time, we acquired Heathside, our first residential home for older people, and then built The Mews in 2006.

Then, 2012 - 2013 saw the birth of The Community Network and the growth of our domiciliary services, giving us the ability to support people with disabilities in their own homes and enrich more lives than before. Then in 2014, we merged with Warrington Community Care, incorporating its services into our structure. As a local charity with its own twenty-five-year history of supporting people with enduring mental health needs, this meant that we could offer a fuller range of services to people requiring social care and support.

Then in 2022, we knew we were ready for change: we were thriving and supporting more people to live their best lives than ever before with plans to expand beyond Warrington. As we evolve, we decided our brand should too. So, WCL was reborn as We Change Lives, one of the largest not-for-profit care providers in the area, employing well over 300 people and supporting more than 500 in living their best lives.

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