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Mark’s Story: Building Resilience and Restoring Confidence

Overcoming a challenge – whether it’s emotional, mental, or physical hardship – can be a deeply personal journey. The people we help really matter, and it’s important to share inspiring stories from people who have created strong and everlasting connections with our team.

Since Mark’s discharge from the hospital in the summer of 2021, the team at We Change Lives played a big part in his recovery journey, offering encouragement and a voice of hope during the hardest of moments.

For Mark, the valuable mental health support that the team provided was vitally important when the difficult times came about. “I suffer from paranoia and to be able to discuss my thoughts is so important. They have taught me to be resilient in overcoming problems and difficulties in my continued recovery and the development of my confidence.”

During the worst of times, having a trustworthy social support system is crucial – and the latest research shows this. It’s well known that mental health services have an overwhelmingly positive impact during the recovery process, and Mark knew he wanted to have people around whom he could truly rely on and share his thoughts with.

For Mark, it was critical that he found outside support and a close-knit circle of people who offer respect and comfort. “I have always found it very challenging to discuss my illness and vulnerabilities at home. On this particular issue, We Change Lives has been essential for my health and well-being. The team in every session allowed me the time and space to articulate my thoughts.”

When the tough times come around, it’s important to have someone there beside you who listens. It was the simple things such as discussing Mark’s day-to-day thoughts and feelings that proved most valuable. “The team is so important in providing an alternative explanation to matters that I am preoccupied about. This is because they are excellent listeners. They have been able to remind me of the progress that I have made. They help to put matters in perspective.”

On the road to recovery, regular intervention from those who truly care is vital. Talking through problems on a regular basis can give people the strength needed to take on the day. For Mark, meeting the We Change Lives team twice every week proved crucial. “It was an outlet for me to offload and discuss matters that I am preoccupied about. They enabled me to become resilient and restore my confidence gradually since my discharge.”

Step by step, Mark’s confidence in public has grown and grown. Part of this journey led to the team encouraging Mark to visit places he loved the most, from art exhibitions and book shops to the local town library, Mark’s confidence is gradually being restored, and we are so proud of the progress he’s made.

The people we support at We Change Lives make us who we are, we believe it’s important to share the success stories of those who’ve worked with us. Mark told us, “I would like to thank the team for their incredible support, and I look forward to continue working with the team.”

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