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Embracing Compassion: Glea's Journey in Support Work at We Change Lives

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

At We Change Lives (WCL), our teams are at the heart of the charity and everything we do. They are on the front line, compassionately shaping the experiences of those we support. So, we thought it was about time we shone a spotlight on some of our incredible people! Glea, a Support Worker at one of our learning and physical disability services in Ellesmere Port, is a prime example of the passion and commitment our staff bring to their roles every day. Since joining us in July this year, she has become an integral part of our team.

Meet Glea, Support Worker at WCL

"When I first heard about WCL, their vision and mission really spoke to me and made me want to join the team as a carer," she recalls. Her journey from the Philippines to Ellesmere Port was driven by a desire to be part of an organisation that truly values the people it supports and its staff alike. "I was really drawn to the opportunities for training and professional development, too."

In her daily role, Glea is pivotal in ensuring that the people we support's lives are as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. "I make sure that we provide the fulfilment of life, the comfort, satisfaction, and the support that they need to live their best lives," she explains, capturing the individualised approach that makes WCL so unique.

The best part of her job? "Seeing the happiness, the smiles on their faces," says Glea, "it's the feeling of giving care to people that makes them feel comfortable, that there is someone who loves and takes care of them throughout their lives." It's this genuine connection and impact that make careers at WCL so rewarding. Glea feels a sense of contentment and joy in her role, knowing she is providing the care and support the people she supports need to thrive. "I feel contented and blissful," she says.

However, Glea's experience with us has been about more than her career, it's been a force for personal growth too. "I've developed my empathy and patience in this role, and it has helped me step out of my comfort zone, because I've noticed things that used to intimidate or scare me, don’t anymore," she shares, reflecting on the positive changes her work has had in her own life.

The culture at WCL, as described by Glea, is one of respect and constant development. "They respect individual traits, and employees are valued here," she notes, highlighting the training and development opportunities that help Support Workers like her to thrive professionally. "Since joining WCL, the experience has been thoroughly satisfying and the support from my colleagues has been unwavering. I've never felt any regret in my decision to come to Ellesmere Port and be part of this team."

We asked Glea what advice she would give to someone considering joining We Change Lives: "Give it a try, and I promise you won’t regret it."

If you're inspired by Glea's story and are looking for a care career in the North West, WCL offers a path where you can make a real difference. It’s not just about the job—it's about joining a charity organisation that values each individual and the unique contributions they bring. Click here to discover more about careers at WCL and to view our current vacancies.

Glea and her colleagues when she arrived at Ellesmere Port
Glea and her colleagues when she arrived at Ellesmere Port

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