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Choosing a Career in Care to Change Peoples' Lives: Tina’s Story

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Tina Bithell joined us as an Activities Partner about a year ago and since then, she has learned a huge array of new skills and discovered a true passion for helping others.

The role of Activities Partner is interesting and dynamic, with no two days ever being the same. By organizing the daily activities for the people we support, Tina helps them feel connected and part of something positive. Tina wanted to start a career to make a real difference in people’s lives - she wanted to work for a charity that puts smiles on peoples’ faces.

Our Activity Partner roles don’t require previous experience, so joining the We Change Lives team as an Activity Partner was a new experience for her, and she has no regrets. “I had never worked in care before, so it was completely out of my comfort zone, but I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

The core purpose of WCL is to encourage people to feel like valued members of society and lead their best life and this mission is exactly what attracted Tina to the job.

Each day brings new experiences for both the residents and the team. From the arts and crafts activities to the musical entertainment, every decision gets input from those involved. “I love planning activities and I’m always researching to find new ideas that I can bring to the residents at Heathside.”

For Tina, it was crucial to enter a role where she felt valued and where she would support people on an individual level. “Being an Activity Partner I get to spend a lot of time with the residents and get to know each of them on an individual basis.” Tina explains that the key is to get to know each resident and celebrate their daily achievements and contributions.

Part of Tina’s role at Heathside is to deliver care with consistency and respect while offering enjoyable and personalised experiences, “Since starting it has been so lovely to get feedback from the residents when we do something they really enjoy. There’s no better feeling than seeing the smiles on the resident’s faces knowing I’m making a difference. Just seeing how happy the residents are whilst doing an activity that they really enjoy is priceless.”

From the moment Tina sent over her job application, she wanted to become part of a welcoming team and work in a supportive environment. She told us, “It was important to start working in a team where there was a strong sense of community. I’m part of a great team and I couldn’t do what I do without the staff who have all made me feel so welcome. For me, the most valuable part of this job is my colleagues and how we all work together.”

Many reading this may wonder what a career in care involves. We asked Tina to share some advice for anyone considering joining WCL, “Just go for it. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you’re making a difference daily. I have no regrets whatsoever and I love what I do.”

Are you passionate about helping people and making a difference?

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