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Discovering Her Purpose: Megan's Care Career at We Change Lives

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

At We Change Lives (WCL), each member of our team has a unique story that adds to the richness of our community. Today, we're spotlighting Megan, a Support Worker at TGL, part of WCL’s Supported Living Network that offers care to adults with learning and physical disabilities in their own home.

Her journey is not just about professional growth, but also about a personal discovery of her passion and purpose...

Meet Megan, a Disability Support worker at WCL, pictured with Adam, resident at TGL
Megan and Adam at TGL
Megan, could you please tell us about your career journey with WCL?

"Well, I started working at TGL through an agency two years ago and I loved it there. I would always ask the agency for TGL shifts so I could go back! I decided to join WCL in October 2022 as a Bank Support Worker, which meant I could work at TGL more often. "Then, in February 2023, a full-time position came up! I was so excited and knew it was the right thing for me - I am so glad I went for it! Now, I'm full-time at TGL and have completed lots of great training, like First Aid, Oliver McGowan, Medication, Health and Safety, etc."

So, what does a typical day look like for you at TGL?

"No two days are ever the same at TGL! But typically the mornings are busy with everybody getting up, getting ready, enjoying their breakfast, and administering medication. Then it's really up to the group what they'd like to do! Some days everybody wants to have a ‘chilled day’ in the house, but that is a rare occasion!

"The group enjoy shopping days to the Golden Square or to the Trafford Centre, and we often enjoy big days out to Chester Zoo, Blackpool, Llandudno and trips to the Circus. I always want the people we support to have the best time possible. Lunch out is everybody’s favourite, we all enjoy trying lots of new foods. Then, evenings are all about winding down from the busy day. We watch films or play games with a hot chocolate, before getting some sleep in preparation for the fun tomorrow."

What is it really like to work at We Change Lives?

"The team is like one big family, and I always feel supported by management and my colleagues. If I ever have any worries, there is always someone to speak to and we all work really well as a team. I have a good work-life balance, too, as shifts can be flexible to fit around our needs. I also feel like my opinion is valued and encouraged, and contributions from staff to management are appreciated and taken on board. "Plus, my role makes a huge difference to the lives of those I support. I enable them to be a part of the community and promote their independence. I help them to take part in things that they enjoy, and to express their individual needs and preferences on a daily basis. I have built a positive relationship with the people I support, and I feel I am someone they can really trust and can rely on - it's a wonderful thing."

Do you feel like your work has had an impact in your own life?

"Absolutely! Working at TGL has helped me develop a sense of community with the people I support. My confidence in my own abilities has grown, too - tasks that used to make me anxious, I can now do with ease.

"But more than anything, my job as a Support Worker has given me a real sense of purpose."

Finally, what advice would you give to someone considering a career at We Change Lives?

"I would recommend a career at We Change Lives to anybody looking for a rewarding job, where you have the opportunity to make a difference to other people's lives every day."

Megan's story is a real testament to how fulfilling a career in care can be, and how joining We Change Lives can change your own life, as well as those you support. If you're inspired by her journey and would like to start your own, we'd love to hear from you.

Join a team where every day is about changing lives, including your own. #DedicationDecember

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