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From House to Home: 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition into a Care Home

Moving a loved one into a care home is a significant decision that can be emotionally challenging for everyone involved, but at We Change Lives, we believe that this transition can be a positive one.

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At We change Lives, our approach is entirely centred around the needs and preferences of the individual. With careful planning and support, you can ensure a smooth transition that prioritises the safety, well-being, and quality of life of your loved one.

In this blog, we share five practical care home tips we've learnt along the way to guide you through this journey and make the process as seamless as possible:

1) Open and Honest Communication

When discussing the move with your loved one, fostering open and honest communication is crucial. At We Change Lives, we believe that everyone is different, and we take the time to get to know each individual we support. Explain the reasons behind the decision to move into a We Change Lives care home in a way they'll understand, emphasising that it's for their benefit. Listen attentively to their concerns and feelings and address them with empathy and compassion. What’s more, when they’re settled, it's crucial to celebrate small victories and reassure them at every step of the way. Our approach at We Change Lives is all about individuality and ensuring that residents feel heard and valued.

2) Personal Touches for a Homey Feeling

Making the new living space feel familiar and homely can go a long way in easing the transition. At We Change Lives, we respect individuality and encourage residents to personalise their spaces. Whether it’s decorating their room with cherished photographs or adding objects with sentimental value, these personal touches will make the care home feel more like a home away from home. We celebrate life histories and support people in doing what they enjoy, ensuring their living space is a reflection of their personality and preferences.

3) Building Connections and a Sense of Belonging

Encouraging your loved one to engage in activities and socialise with other residents can be highly beneficial. We involve everyone in decisions in their home, from the color of the walls to the flowers in the garden, creating a real sense of belonging. Getting involved in group events, hobbies, and outings leads to new friendships being forged, and our approach at We Change Lives is all about personalisation, so we cater to individual interests and needs. When possible, it’s important to visit your loved one regularly and encourage other family members and friends to do the same – with a support network in place, they will feel truly connected and loved.

4) Effective Communication Channels

Communication is key, and building a relationship with care home staff is crucial. At We Change Lives, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all; instead, we create bespoke support plans for each individual. Regularly checking in with your loved one will keep you updated with their progress, concerns, or any changes in needs. Sharing information on habits, personal interests, and their medical history helps staff provide a more personalised level of care – ultimately, improving your loved one’s quality of life. Our approach is centred on the individual, ensuring their unique needs are met.

5) Supporting an Active and Enjoyable Life

At We Change Lives, we encourage people to keep enjoying their lives to the fullest. We personalise everything, even down to how they like their morning routine. We believe in helping people lead their lives in a purposeful, healthy, and enjoyable way, as full and equal members of their community. So, we involve everyone in decisions in their home and support them in doing what they enjoy, because, after all, a home should feel like home. In conclusion, moving into a We Change Lives care home is about celebrating individuality, creating a supportive and welcoming environment, and we're here to help you ensure that your loved one's transition is as smooth and positive as possible. Our approach is centred around the people we support, and we do everything we can to put people at ease during this significant transition in their lives. Your loved one's well-being and quality of life are our top priorities at We Change Lives.

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