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ABI Awareness Week: A Life Re-Written

Action for Brain Injury Week (ABI Week) 2024, themed "A Life Re-Written," offers a crucial platform to highlight the profound effects brain injuries can have on individuals and their loved ones. As we observe ABI Week from 20th to 26th May, it’s essential to understand how brain injuries disrupt life plans and force a reevaluation of goals, identity, and relationships.

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At 3L Care, part of We Change Lives, we are dedicated to supporting those affected by brain injury, helping them to rewrite their stories with hope and resilience.

Infographic showing 78% of brain injury survivors have had to change their life goals
Understanding the Impact

Brain injuries can strike anyone at any time, often without warning. Whether from an accident or illness, the consequences can be life-altering. Imagine having your life's dreams and goals abruptly changed – this is the reality for many brain injury survivors. According to research by Headway, more than three-quarters of brain injury survivors (78%) have had to change their life goals. This disruption affects various aspects of life, from career prospects and retirement plans to personal relationships and hobbies.

Mental Health Challenges

The mental health impact of brain injuries is profound and often heartbreaking. Seven out of ten brain injury survivors and carers report worsened mental health, with anxiety and depression being particularly common. Living with a brain injury can lead to social isolation, fatigue, and a lack of understanding from friends and family. It’s a daily struggle that takes immense courage to face.

In our ABI services, we provide mental health support to survivors and carers. Our dedicated team deliver round the clock support and a listening ear, helping to manage anxiety and depression. We believe in the power of community and the strength found in shared experiences.

Changing Life Goals

The journey of rewriting one’s life after a brain injury often involves adjusting life goals. Survivors may find themselves rethinking their career paths, educational pursuits, and personal aspirations. One survey respondent shared the following:

“My entire life and plans were changed. I had career goals, now I will never be back in that job. I wanted marriage, kids, and a house… now it’s completely unknown.”

These stories of changed dreams are powerful reminders of the resilience required to rebuild a life after brain injury. It's why we help individuals rediscover their passions and set new, achievable goals. Through personalised support programmes, we support people in finding new career paths, developing new skills, and rebuilding their confidence. We celebrate every milestone, no matter how small, as a step towards a fulfilling future.

Developing New Skills and Activities

Despite the challenges, many brain injury survivors discover new skills and interests post-injury. Around 34% have developed new skills, ranging from daily living skills to recreational and vocational abilities. This adaptability showcases the incredible strength of brain injury survivors, who often find new ways to thrive and find fulfilment. Their journey is a testament to human resilience and the ability to find joy and purpose even in the face of adversity.

At We Change Lives, we offer a variety of recreational activities designed to develop these skills and help the people we support to discover new passions. Opportunities for people to explore new hobbies and talents, and therefore empower them to embrace their new identities and discover the joy of learning and growth.

Social Life and Relationships

The social life of brain injury survivors often undergoes significant changes. 60% of survivors report a worsened social life, citing struggles with anxiety, sensory overload, and fatigue. However, the support from peers and organisations like 3L Care, part of We Change Lives, can make a significant difference. We offer a supportive community where survivors and their carers can connect, share experiences, and find understanding and encouragement. Every story of regained confidence and rebuilt relationships is a victory worth celebrating. We believe in fostering a sense of belonging and community, helping individuals to rebuild their social lives with confidence and joy.

Our Commitment at WCL

At 3L Care, part of We Change Lives, we are committed to providing comprehensive support for brain injury survivors and their families. Our services include supported living arrangements tailored to individual needs, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. We believe in empowering the people we support to develop new skills, pursue new interests, and live their best lives.

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